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The air conditioning unit was invented by William Carrier in 1902. At that time, he received a patent that called it the ‘Apparatus for Treating Air’ which was granted in 1906. The concept of using alcohol to cool water was the basis of the air conditioning unit. The name was coined by Stuart Cramer who stated in his patent that it was a unit that added water vapor to textiles.

An air conditioner is placed in the wall next to an electrical outlet. It is usually placed high up in the wall so that it can spread the cool air evenly. The AC requires yearly maintenance if one is looking to avoid costly repairs or having to purchase a new one. The owner does not have to spend a lot to maintain the unit but ensuring that it is efficient and reliable are the most important attributes.

To maintain, the filters always have to be cleaned because they may have hair dander and even grass from lawn clippings. In the event that the unit breaks down or is not working efficiently, then one should call in a repair person who is knowledgeable on air conditioners. Any delays can make it hard to stay indoors in the summer months.
There are many points to consider when one is shopping for an air conditioner.

The home’s square footage has to be a factor because a small unit may not be able to cool a very large room. The ducts that are connected to the air conditioner have to be working otherwise the unit will not be able to cool the house. If persons who stay in the home have respiratory problems, then one should buy a unit that eliminates allergens that may trigger these conditions.

Just like caring for the air conditioner, one should also care for their heating unit because it can be inefficient in warming up the home which leads to high energy costs.

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