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Homeowners have many crucial aspects of their home that need to be taken care of at different times of the year. One of these if the heating unit of furnace in the home. The furnace is needed to provide you with sufficient heat during the cold months of winter. Yearly maintenance of your furnace ensures that it functions normally when it is needed.

The maintenance of your furnace involves more than simply cleaning the exterior of the unit. There are many components of a heating unit that need to be inspected to identify any potential problems. One of the basic components of the furnace is the air filter. Checking the air filter is the easiest way to keep the unit working efficiently.

Air filters for the furnace are used to trap airborne particles so they do not enter the ducts and lower the quality of air in your home. You should check your air filter every two to three months when using your heating unit regularly. If the filter is dirty, then it needs to be replaced. Checking the air filter also needs to be done in the fall before the onset of winter.

Maintenance of a heating unit will need to include an inspection of the registers and cold air returns in your home. Debris can build up at these locations over time and prevent the proper flow of air. If the ducts are full of debris, then the furnace needs to work harder to heat your home. This will decrease the efficiency of the unit because it needs to use more energy.

Internal components of a heating unit often go overlooked by homeowners. These include the belts and blower. If you have never had your furnace serviced by an HVAC technician, then there may be an old and worn component that needs to be replaced.

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